Know the truth

The ferritin value of adult men is on average between 100-200 ng/ml, while that of women of menstrual age and children is below 50 ng/ml, i.e. in the iron problem zone. This is why many women and children suffer from iron deficiency – in contrast to adult men. If we give them back the missing iron at suitable intervals, most of them will and remain healthy in the long term.

We doctors, however, learn the five errors of conventional medicine (iron lies) through the textbooks and in the lecture halls:

  1. Iron deficiency is only manifest in anaemia
  2. Women and children need less iron than men
  3. A ferritin value of 15 ng/ml would be sufficient for all
  4. Normal menstruation does not cause iron deficiency.
  5. Iron tablets are therapeutically effective

As soon as we turn these five errors upside down and twist them into the opposite, we find the truth:

  1. Iron deficiency is not only manifest in anemia
  2. Women and children need the same amount of iron as men
  3. A ferritin of 15 is not enough for most people.
  4. Every menstruation can lead to an iron deficiency.
  5. Iron tablets are hardly therapeutically effective. This is why intravenous iron therapy was introduced in Switzerland.